Enhancing a dancer's foundation with foot to core

by Dr Emily Splichal

Throughout a dancer’s lifetime, her body is subjected to ground impact forces significantly greater than those of walking, hopping and even jogging. Our physiology makes it impossible for us to react and stabilize fast enough to the oncoming impact, making a dancer vulnerable to a myriad of injuries. This is why pre-activation (precise, accurate anticipation of stabilization) must be well programmed into the nervous system so that peak stability is happening before contact with the ground. 

Join us for this exclusive 2 hour talk by Dr Emily Splichal, world-renowned Human Movement Specialist and Podiatrist, to learn more about pre-activation and “foot to core sequencing” and how this can enhance a dancer’s foundation to prevent injury and optimize performance.

1st October 2018


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"Stability is the foundation through which strength, force and energy is generated or transferred,” - Dr Emily Splichal


Dance Studio Owners

You expect the best from your teachers so that they can help drive your business forward. Identifying the right education for them will help them understand how they can work with their students with injuries or challenges. This translates to better results and retention.


Dance Teachers

If you have experienced challenging encounters previously in helping your students overcome dance injuries, this is a great opportunity for you to learn from someone who marries movement and science. Say no to trial and error with your students and yes to clarity in teaching.



You may have been frustrated by your previous dance injuries or by physical challenges you may not understand. This is a rare chance to learn from an expert on how your body takes impact so that you can learn how to prepare yourself better for dance.