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Join us in our 1st ever event that is focused on addressing the changes that happen in a woman's life. To keep our workshops on that day focused on learning effectively, each workshop has a maximum capacity of 20. Fill in the registration form on the right and you will get the email to book for the individual workshops now!

Train Smart, Dance Injury Free!


We believe dancers must have strong foundation and have developed a method that nurture our students to grow exponentially yet safely – all through quality teaching and compulsory conditioning programmes that help dancers understand what it takes for their bodies to dance injury free. This workshop is useful for young dancers who experience challenges with injuries, experienced dancers who aspire to enhance dance performance or young adults who started ballet at a later age.


Understand the importance of conditioning as a dancer


Learn safe and effective ways to stretch and strengthen the body for the demands of dance


Experience the difference that conditioning brings to your dance

Get Back On Track


Have you been advised to rest and not to carry any heavy load, only to find that you continue to experience back pain? Were you told that a strong core helps to overcome back pain and despite you training your core consistently, your back pain does not go away? Are you frustrated that your back pain is preventing you from doing even the simplest chores? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, join Get Back On Track and embark on our tried & tested approach to help you regain control, have a more resilient and healthy back so that you can get back to doing the things you love for a long time. 


Discover the P-M-L training concept to overcoming back pain


Learn how to train your core correctly to have a more resilient back.


Experience corrective movement training that helps to increase your tissue tolerance to back pain.

Happy Shoulders, Happy Mothers


Mothers have limitless love for their children but usually leave little for themselves. Breast-feeding, long periods of carrying, hugging their children to sleep, bundled with long hours of desk work can cause chronic neck and shoulder aches. We want you to take care of yourself! This workshop is designed for all mothers out there. We will equip you with the techniques to self-massage for pain-relief and strengthening the correct muscles to prevent pain from being the obstacle from caring from your child.


Stretch/Release work on common overactive muscles that cause shoulder & neck pain or even migraine.


Basic strengthening exercise to help maintain or regain proper bone alignment.

Healthy Pelvic Floor & Core For All Ages


A strong core for all the decades! We take into account physiological changes and support these transitions instead of resisting them. This workshop has been designed specifically to harness the capabilities and potential of the PowerPlate® and is suitable for ladies of all ages who want to have an effective programme for their pelvic floor health. It has been scientifically established that the PowerPlate® whole-body vibration technology speeds up health and fitness benefits to deliver faster, longer–lasting results.


Learn how to move more efficiently by connecting your whole body to your pelvic floor and core


Learn the science behind how the Whole Body Vibration of the PowerPlate® can enhance your workouts


Keep on top of your cardiovascular health efficiently, leading to a trimmer and healthier you throughout the decades, from postnatal to postmenopausal

Discover The 3 Steps To Fall Prevention


Falls are dangerous for seniors. They can reduce independence, lead to multiple falls or serious injuries, and they impact the family. The long-term consequences of falls for older adults are usually extensive and life-changing. Considering how a fall might lead to irreversible change, prevention is definitely better than cure. This workshop starts off with discovering your risk of falling and the type of activity that you are most at risk, then brings you a mix of movement and science to help you become more resilient to falling. We strongly believe that the key to fall prevention is to take the active approach to training for it, so that you gain movement confidence as opposed to movement avoidance.


Take your Fall Risk Assessment to discover your risks of falling


Experience the technology that improves your sensory nerves for better balance


Learn how to train single leg stability in movement

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