BodyTree Ballet

BodyTree Ballet

Body Conditioning For Dancers

Here at BodyTree Ballet, we nurture our students into educated dancers who understand the art of injury-free dancing, and supplement their dance journey through our wide range of BodyTree conditioning programmes.


Our personalised conditioning programmes strengthen a dancer’s body, helping them overcome their physical challenges and augment performance through consistent training.


What Is Dance Conditioning?

Ever wondered what dance conditioning is, or the importance of conditioning for dancers? 


BodyTree Ballet’s personalised conditioning programme consists of repeated trainings designed to incrementally stretch one’s physical limits, helping dancers of all skill levels attain a safer, more effective dance journey.


Our Programmes

Dancer's Core Training

Accelerated Flexibility Training

Dance Injury Free™ 1-1 Coaching

Pre Épaulement Class

Our Teachers

Coming from years of dance and teaching experience, subsequently integrating Pilates into their practice, our teachers found that mastery of both areas greatly complemented each other and strengthened their physical performance. 


Well equipped to help young dancers on their dance conditioning journey, our teachers are Registered RAD Ballet Teachers and trained in Pilates, Barefoot Training, Stretch Therapy, Prehab Trainer and PowerPlate Technology.