BodyTree Ballet

The BodyTree brand represents building a strong foundation for exponential growth. This comes through quality teaching and an emphasis on precision. BodyTree Ballet was founded on this philosophy. We nurture our students to become educated dancers who understand what it takes for their body to dance injury free through compulsory BodyTree conditioning programs.

It is the dream of all ballerinas to be beautiful, graceful and effortless in their performance. Just like a swan that looks graceful and effortless on the surface, a ballerina actually pedals furiously beneath it. They have to endure long hours of dance training and hard work, and deal with the challenges or injuries that their own bodies face.

BodyTree’s conditioning program supports a dancer through their strenuous and repetitive trainings. Our teachers are trained in Pilates, Barefoot training, Stretch Therapy, Prehab Trainer and PowerPlate Technology. This allows us to help aspiring dance professionals, advanced students, beginners and late starters effectively.