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Pilates for Dancers

Many dance schools overseas, and elite dancers recognise the value of Pilates as a training method to develop core strength and keep them in top shape for the rigours of dance training. In many ways, Pilates is complimentary to dance, with emphasis on precision and moving mindfully and effortlessly against the resistance of your own body weight.

As a dancer, I am sure you have heard your dance teacher emphasise how important it is for your core to be strong. But why is a strong core important to a dancer?

Your core is far more than just that six pack. Core training is more than simply training the abdominals; Your core is a complex series of muscles that, while also involve the abdominals, include the muscles in the lower back, pelvis and hips. These muscles are often underdeveloped in a dance class, and Pilates teaches and strengthens these deeper core muscles in a balanced way.

Dancers regularly practice a series of steps on one side which potentially develops muscles asymmetrically. Imbalances may set you up for injuries. Pilates practice is also a form of cross training to build resilience in your ligaments, tendons, soft tissues; by training with Pilates, imbalances can be sorted out and overall this will reduce your chances of injuries from your dance training.

Besides injury prevention, a stronger core also leads to better technique in class; more attention can be given to enjoying your dance, as opposed to overcoming challenging moves.

We have an upcoming Pilates Matwork Workshop for dancers on 20 & 21 March 2019. This is your chance to experience the benefits of Pilates first hand. The great thing about the Matwork Repertoire is that you can practice these pieces on your own before and after your dance classes without the need for any equipment.

We have 2 sessions available:

Session 1: Students with Grade 1 – 5 Ballet training (20th March 2.30 – 3.30pm)

Session 2: Students with Intermediate to Advance Ballet training (21st March 2.30 – 3.30pm)

More details and registration here:

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